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You Lead. I Follow.

Me, versus the formidable Knobstone Trail. 38 miles of treacherous terrain. Endless ascents and descents along the hillside. Several battle scars (okay, they were only blisters), and a wicked cough. They don’t call this the Little Appalachian Trail for nothing. It … Continue reading

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Just a Seat at the Table

This morning while reading and reflecting on my life I was feeling rather frustrated with where I’m at in this moment. Sometimes it feels as if I’m just a pawn in this chess game, moving only at the direction of … Continue reading

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Is She Worth It?

“Is she worth it”? That is the question that Azeem asks Robin Hood as they are about to catapault over the wall so he can rescue Maid Miriam. Robin Hood’s answer is simple as he responds, “Worth dying for.” That may … Continue reading

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The Forgetful Gentleman: Fulfilling Your Bucket List

Yesterday I went out to dinner with some coworkers at Indianapolis’ local German watering hole, the Rathskeller. For those of you who are not familiar with this establishment, they have some genuine authentic German dishes and of course German beers. … Continue reading

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My Life: The Correlations with Don Draper

  *WARNING: This post contains key information on the series finale of Mad Men. Do not read unless you want to ruin the rest of your life and know what happens in the finale without watching it.*   One is … Continue reading

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The Giving Tree

WARNING The following blog contains many personal analogies and completely reflects the writer’s inner feelings. If you are intent on reading this in its entirety then you must be prepared to not only be moved emotionally but also to share … Continue reading

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Wisdom…From Old People?

    “Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose.” -Lloyd Christmas Just last week I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with my parents in Bloomington. I had just gotten back from … Continue reading

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Good Luck Chuck!

Good luck Chuck. Hundreds of people are attempting to capitalize on MY good friend, Chuck Ramsey. Twitter memes, Facebook, social media, YouTube, you name it. Chuck has become an overnight sensation! Hero? Yes. Hilarious? Definitely. Needs to visit a dentist? … Continue reading

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Things I Learn From Calvin

Congratulations. Congratulations to you who are reading this, not only do you have the privilege to read my blog but you have accomplished so much this year. You survived Hurricane Sandy, another presidential election, the Mayan apocalypse, a “blizzard”, Dick Clark … Continue reading

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Playing Chess with God: Mind vs. Mind

Warning: The opinions expressed in this article are in no way indicative of the beliefs that Kris Elkins holds. These opinions are meant entirely in jest….Sort of… December 25th is just around the corner. Presents have hopefully been bought and … Continue reading

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