Just a Seat at the Table


This morning while reading and reflecting on my life I was feeling rather frustrated with where I’m at in this moment. Sometimes it feels as if I’m just a pawn in this chess game, moving only at the direction of the hand who controls me.

I want to be more involved. I feel like I have God-given talents, ideas, passions and skills and I want to put them to good use. I want a seat at the table.

Whether by pure chance or direction, the song “Carbon Ribs” started playing within my head. I began spouting off the lyrics and I felt a sense of peace when I got to the chorus as I repeated the lines over and over ‘The cripple at your table, the cripple by your side‘.

A Thousand pairs of firey eyes
Burn like a serpent down the hwy 5
As the Long amber tail to Los Angeles unwinds
I’ve got resurrection down in side my skin
But for all my revealating
I just cant make sense
Of this gravity we’re in

Cause I’m a dead man now
With a ghost who lives
Within the confines of
These carbon ribs
And one day when I’m free
I will sit
The cripple at your table
The cripple by your side

The song is written about the relationship between King David and Mephibosheth (don’t ask me to pronounce his name). Mephibosheth was the son of Jonathan, King David’s childhood friend. When Mephibosheth was young his family was overrun by an army, a caregiver picked him up to run away and inadvertently dropping him, causing him to become crippled in both feet.

I’m sure cripples were treated no different in Biblical times than how they are treated in today’s society. We often find ourselves turning our gaze away from someone who has a physical deformity, trying to avoid eye contact so there is no awkward stare. We will go the long way to our final destination if it means that we won’t come in contact with them, hoping that they won’t call out our name, ask us for a favor, or simply just say ‘hello’.

This is where it gets me. King David invited Mephibosheth into his kingdom and offers him a seat at the king’s table, guaranteeing that all of his needs will be met for the rest of his life.

As I began to reflect on these lyrics I felt as if I heard a peaceful voice say “I have already provided you a seat at my table.” What more could I ask for? What more is there to desire in life? You see, I’m really just a cripple in this life. I’m not whole. I’m undeserving of all the good that I see, undeserving of His grace and love, undeserving of the friendships and blessings that I encounter every day.

Read the second verse of this song.

A thousand miles of pain I’m sure
Led you to the threshold
Of my hearts screen door
To tell me what it is I’m dying for
Gravity comes
Like a cold cold Rain
To lead me to the rope again
But someone is standing in my place

That rope is meant for me. It’s meant for you. Think of the pain that Christ suffered on His journey with the cross on His back, for the sole reason to take our place on the chopping block. The noose is hanging on the gallows, the trap door is set. The executioner grabs hold of the rope and begins to slip it over your neck, but someone steps in and offers to take your place so that you can experience life.

Today I am thankful for the peaceful voice that continues to speak to us on a daily basis.

I pray that I’m just always willing to listen when He speaks.

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