The Forgetful Gentleman: Fulfilling Your Bucket List


Yesterday I went out to dinner with some coworkers at Indianapolis’ local German watering hole, the Rathskeller. For those of you who are not familiar with this establishment, they have some genuine authentic German dishes and of course German beers. However, their biergarten has been consistently named in the top biergartens among the United States… I mean, I saw Smash Mouth there last year, and any place that is willing to host Smash Mouth is a winner in my book.

I digress. After dinner, I picked up some dog treats and Three Dog Bakery and then stopped in at another one of my favorite shops Silver In The City, which is located right on Mass Ave. This store has fantastic gag gifts, jewelry, random books, clothing apparel and home accessories. I could literally spend hours in the store, and often times, I do. It’s very rare that I ever come out of this store empty handed, and yesterday was no exception.

I came across a book entitled ‘The Forgetful Gentleman: Thirty Ways to Turn Good Intentions into Action’. It caught my attention in two ways. 1) Every guy should read up on how to become more gentleman-like. 2) I’m a man who is full of good intentions, oftentimes I feel like I am full of too many good intentions, and I need assistance in implementing those desires. So I bought it and decided to give it a go. So starting with this post, I’m going to be blogging on my thoughts with each chapter.

The Bucket List

I think one of the first movies that I genuinely cried in was ‘The Bucket List’, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. It’s really an incredible film about a couple of dying men finishing out their last days on the Earth, and ensuring that they lived their lives to the fullest. It was emotionally moving for me, having an oncology nursing background, and it was at that moment that I wrote out a few items that I knew I wanted to ‘check off’ before I passed away.

The book focuses on the story of Ted Leonsis, who actually coined the term ‘bucket list’, and how he had a brush with death, which made him rethink his life and begin to live each day with intention and focus. I took a look at Ted’s bucket list, and well, mine just can’t match up… Primarily because Ted is a multi-billionaire and he has things such as ‘obtain a net worth of one billion dollars’… I mean, Dr. Evil didn’t even have aspirations that high.

The book focuses on the thought that many of us, including myself, often say… ‘I can’t believe it’s (insert date) already’. It generally infers that we are not living our life with intention. I’m guilty of this. I often wonder ‘where did the time go’ or ‘what did I do today?’ It’s time to change that.

Below is a rough draft of my bucket list. It’s a living document, meaning things are going to be checked off and added as my life progresses. I just wanted to share it with everyone, with the hopes of getting your feedback, adding any ideas as well for me, and just keeping me accountable. I don’t want to look back on my life in 10 years and ask myself the question, ‘what did I do with my life?’ and I know that isn’t Christ’s intent for our lives either.

It’s His intent that we live our lives to the fullest, making the most of the abilities and gifts that He’s provided, and then making an impact on those around us. At the end of my life I want to look back and say that I experienced everything that He had for me, and that I made a genuine difference in this world.


Family Matters

  1. Fall in love and get married
  2. Have a healthy child
  3. Adopt a child
  4. Take care of father/mother
  5. Develop/raise children who are individuals and love themselves, and others even more
  6. Leave a trust for each family member

Financial Matters

  1. Pay off college debts
  2. Pay off home
  3. Zero personal debt for family
  4. Invest in a start-up company
  5. Be financially stable enough to leave assets for my family when I pass
  6. Own a profitable rental property


  1. Restore an antique radio
  2. Own a ‘getaway’ home
  3. Own a sailboat
  4. Flip a house
  5. Own a convertible Mercedes Benz


  1. Change someone’s life via a charity
  2. Be a Big Brother
  3. Volunteer 52 times in one year
  4. Have a perpetual memorial named after a family member
  5. Invest in 1,000 people’s lives
  6. Introduce 50 people to Christ in one year
  7. Volunteer in a medical missions project
  8. Open a non-profit youth center


  1. Catch a foul ball
  2. Get a hole-in-one (par three course)
  3. Go to a Final Four with Indiana University
  4. Complete the Hilly Hundred
  5. Complete the Ride Across Indiana
  6. Take my dad to a World Series with the Cincinnati Reds
  7. Finish an IronMan
  8. Throw out an opening pitch


  1. Go on a safari
  2. Go to Italy
  3. Go to Paris
  4. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  5. Go to Australia
  6. Participate in the Polar Plunge at the Loony Dook
  7. Go to Alaska
  8. Go to Egypt
  9. Go to Israel/Jerusalem
  10. Hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail
  11. Take my entire family on a cruise
  12. Climb an active volcano
  13. Participate in the Running of the Bulls


  1. Write a book
  2. Swim with Great White sharks
  3. Obtain a Masters degree
  4. Design my own custom tattoo
  5. ✔ Go skydiving
  6. See the Who
  7. See Dave Matthews Band at The Gorge
  8. Attend a live recording of a famous band
  9. Be on a cover of a magazine
  10. Wrestle an alligator
  11. Sing at a wedding
  12. Shoot/skin my own deer
  13. Be emotionally moved every day
  14. Take a six month sabbatical
  15. Bench press 250 lbs
  16. Win $1,000 in Las Vegas
  17. Tandem base jump
  18. ✔ See the Rolling Stones
  19. Chase a tornado




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2 Responses to The Forgetful Gentleman: Fulfilling Your Bucket List

  1. Deena says:

    Amazing bucket list. Almost jealous!

  2. Amanda says:

    You could compile your blog postings and make those a book. Boom.

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