Good Luck Chuck!


Good luck Chuck. Hundreds of people are attempting to capitalize on MY good friend, Chuck Ramsey. Twitter memes, Facebook, social media, YouTube, you name it. Chuck has become an overnight sensation! Hero? Yes. Hilarious? Definitely. Needs to visit a dentist? Never!

In true fashion to myself, I want to present you several lessons that I learned from Chuck. If you have not yet seen the clip, I implore you to click the hyperlink at the top.

1. Good things can come from eating a McDonald’s Big Mac.

Who would have thought? I mean what I usually get from McDonald’s is a bloated stomach, diarrhea, gas that would cause a bhangmeter to to bazerk, and I’d be out three dollars. The last time I ever ate McDonald’s I was coming off an overnight shift at the hospital and ordered the breakfast platter: hotcakes, eggs, sausage and bacon all covered in three cases of syrup. It was heavenly! Until I made a bee-line back for my apartment (aka the toilet). However, ole’ Chuck here found that there can be some good that comes from this. So today, in Chuck’s honor, I’m ordering a Big Mac and fries. Follow me on social media and I’ll give you detailed reports as to how that goes down…and out.

2. It must be bad if a white girl is running into the arms of a black man.

I won’t lie, I laughed out loud at this. Why are racial topics so sensitive sometimes? I remember an old episode of The Office where Michael Scott impersonates one of Chris Rock’s stand-up comedy routines and everyone finds it extremely offensive (except for myself that is). However, I feel that Michael Scott, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and now Chuck Ramsey have showed us how race can be incorporated in comedy. Hey Michael Richards (Kramer) you could probably take a few tips from these guys.

3. Just cause everything seems normal doesn’t mean it is.

The lesson we can all learn is that what it looks like on the outside is not necessarily a true reflection of what happens on the inside. From this kidnapper and rapist to the Tsarnaev brothers and the list goes on and one, all of their friends and neighbors go onto say that they would have never expected this. I’m certainly not proposing that we all go out and spy on our neighbors, because deep down I want to believe that my friends, family and neighbors are good people. I want to direct it a different way…

This past month I’ve had some strangers, friends and even people I consider family to come to me with problems that they have, issues, or circumstances that they are dealing with or have dealt with for years. Did I know? Heck no! Everything seemed so perfect on the outside. This has really bothered me. Why do we make it seem so great on the outside when everything is really in the pooper? Is it because of our pride? Selfishness? Insecurity? Fear? Why is it that some people will never tell you what’s going on and then there are others who take the direct opposite approach and proclaim every little issue that they have on Facebook?

These events made me rethink my thought processes regarding how I view others and how I deal with problems that I face. I have friends. Good friends. Even better family. Why am I going to exclude people on some of the biggest things that I deal with? Alone. It’s not healthy, effective, efficient or productive. We need each other. We need to be able to confide in each other. So be prepared people. I’m planning on group texting everyone on my Iphone’s contact list and give you the amazing opportunity to be apart of my life and to make me a better man, even better than what I already am.

With that I promise that if I like you… Nay, even if I don’t like you… I will do my very best to be your friend, listen to your troubles. I won’t even give you some of my grade-A advice. I’ll just listen. Come peeps. Let’s take some cues from Chuck and start making a positive impact in the lives of the people around us.

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