Things I Learn From Calvin


Congratulations. Congratulations to you who are reading this, not only do you have the privilege to read my blog but you have accomplished so much this year. You survived Hurricane Sandy, another presidential election, the Mayan apocalypse, a “blizzard”, Dick Clark passed away, marijuana was legalized in TWO states and we witnessed some of the worst shootings in America. BUT. WE. SURVIVED.

In retrospect, allow me to look at the great things in life, some of which I already mentioned, and I’ll let you determine that. I jumped out of a plane, made new friends, quit some old ones, started watching How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family, moved one year closer to getting another degree, and learned a whole lot about myself, both good and bad.

I’ve never made apologies for the person I am, cause let’s face it, like Barney Stinson, I’m pretty awesome. However, great things can always be greater. The last several weeks I have been spending time reflecting and contemplating over this last year, my strengths and weaknesses and where I want to be by this time next year. I’ve never, ever, ever formed a New Year’s Resolution but this year it’s going to be different. And to keep me accountable, I’m letting the world know of my projected accomplishments. Here it goes, in random order…

1) Participate AND Finish an IronMan 70.3 competition

2) Complete my BSN

3) Be more awesome

4) Be a better, more consistent friend

5) Initiate a Master’s program

6) Get a bowl haircut

7) Attempt to be more “in tune” with people’s feelings

8) Read a book from the Bible


9) Be more awesome

There you have it folks! I’m going to need you guys to keep me on my toes and remind me the tasks I have set before me. I’m Calvin and you, you’re my Hobbes.

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