A Magical Unveiling

Alone. My english professor always told me never to use generalizations, but she’s wrong. We ALL experience this emotion at many points throughout our lifetime. Growing up as a young boy, I was absolutely petrified of being alone. I loved people, interaction, and the high one got from communicating with others.

This picture brings back some of the best memories from an incredible movie. Kevin McCallister (portrayed by Macaulay Culkin) finds that his wish has come true and his family has disappeared. Over the next few days he does what every 8 year-old boy does, play games, watch rated-R films, eat lots of ice cream, and apprehends these bad men named “The Wet Bandits”. I remember my own days where I decided I wanted to be alone; I was in preschool. I stuffed my essentials in a Winnie The Poo blanket and told mom I was leaving. She was sitting on her bed drying her hair and her reply was “Okay. It’s been a pleasure.” I left that day… and returned about five minutes later.

In August of 2008 I moved into my grandmother’s basement so I could finish my collegiate career and not have to be overcome with debt. It may have been a little embarrassing at times, but I am so appreciative to her for helping me be financially responsible. Over the last few years I have faced my demons with the loneliness battle, and won. I love being alone. I can do what I want, when I want, and how I want. And that’s when I had realized that I actually lost.

The book of Genesis talks about how God communed with Adam and Even in the garden, but after the fall of man the visitations abruptly stopped. Loneliness accompanied the fall of man as a result of their sin. I always found myself asking “What does God want me to do? What does He want me to be? Where am I supposed to go?” The answer is simple, Stupid (That’s how God talks to me, He calls me names). His “great purpose” for my life is simply this, “don’t be alone”.

I find that I’m the happiest when I’m interacting with people. And since Heaven is this eternal joy and happiness, I relate that communicating with people is similar to what Heaven will be like. So if loving people is similar to heaven, then isolation is a lot like hell. All. Alone. We decide what kind of Heaven/Hell we want to live here on earth. Which makes me realize, if I can decide what my presence will be, then that means I can influence other’s perceptions. If I show kindness to someone, I can turn around their individual hell and transform it into a pleasant experience. That’s what Jesus did for Legion, and that’s what I’m supposed to do here for those that are unable to help themselves.

Kevin, (Macaulay Culkin), became alone real quick. The possessed furnace didn’t help matters any. He needed communication with someone, and in each of the films he found it from the most unlikely people, Old Man Marley and Bird Lady. These two characters helped him through some of his toughest times (which looking back now, he probably wishes that they could’ve saved him from the clutches of MJ) and he succeeded.

God’s desires for us is not be be a hermit, all holed up in our churches, waiting for the people who need Christ to come visit us. His desire is for us to be missional. I felt like such a failure in this category that I signed up to volunteer at the Shalom Center, which is a refuge for the homeless here in Bloomington. This is what gives me my purpose. To make my little world a better place.


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2 Responses to A Magical Unveiling

  1. Joy Terrell says:

    Great thoughts, and very accurate. For me, true fulfillment comes from showing compassion, and as you said making the world a little bit better for someone. I have had the career, the new homes, cars, etc. While all of that is nice, the most satisfaction in my life has come from doing volunteer work with foster children and in seizing opportunities to show compassion. If we want to have an impact on our individual worlds, we must get out of our pews and actively show His love.

  2. Allison says:

    From knowing you I know that you have so much knowledge and compassion to offer to those who don’t know how to help themselves or are afraid to.

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